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Prima's Deep Blue Ocean Frame w/ Sue

Here?s a chance to use your Prima moulds to make this Gorgeous Sea Life frame. Each student will receive the unfinished frame, a box of resin, Prima?s Deep Water Metallique paint, sponge daubers, and a tube of Prima?s black gesso. I used the following Prima moulds ? Coral Reef, Sea Maven, and the Surfboard Collection mould. If you don?t already own them, they are available at Scraporium.

Supplies Required for class ? Various Prima moulds as listed, Prima vintage gold wax (or other wax of your choice), various sizes of paint brushes (I use Prima?s set of 7 brushes and Scraporium has them available for sale), water cup for used brushes, Titebond Quick and Thick glue (available at Lowes), kraft mat, wet wipes, paper towels, apron. You can bring other items if you would like to extra embellish this project such as real shells, pearls, glitter, gems, etc.

As with all of my classes, you can make this your own creation!

Prima's Deep Blue Ocean Frame w/ Sue

$ 58.00
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